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Looking for love? Check out what Kim Quick and Cynthia Clark have to offer! A must read if you're single!

In a relationship? Carista Luminare and Lion Goodman tell​ you why you act the way you do and what you can do to make it better for you and your spouse. This should be in everyone's education! See how I was able to turn around my marriage and how you can too!

​Having a hard time getting what you want? See what Ti Caine, Dori Klass and Christy Whitman have to say!

Not sure how to communicate properly, resolve conflict in a positive way, set boundaries, or even recover from abuse? Check out Esther Hatfield Miller, Monica Bijoux, Rob Actis, and Joan McLeod!

​Dr. Irena Kay's Introduction to the Masterclass Series:  always FREE!

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Lion Goodman, Founder of the Luminary Leadership Institute speaks about breaking through limiting beliefs with a genius new technique. A MUST READ!

Get to know my own story and what I did to turn my almost dead marriage around. What you will learn is mind-blowing, as it can be replicated! You too can go from blah to bliss!

Kim Quick launched the "Forever Love Formula", a comprehensive course to successfully ace online dating after her own sad experience when she tried to find the ideal partner. Singles: you need to see this!

Joan McLeod, the "Conflict Navigator" brings you an ingenious system to handle any conflict. She uses easy-to-remember acronyms so you can pause and check before flying off the handle!

Listen to Dr. Carista Luminare explain the different attachment styles, and what they mean for your adult relationships.
This is highly interesting information, and should have a space in everyone's toolbox!

Ti Caine, the "Future Whisperer" will tell you the about the only way you can really realize your dreams! He was able to cheat death twice with his world exclusive methods!

Dori Klass, The Queen of Mid-Life Design, Re-Invention & Re-Vitalization teaches how leaders can become their best selves, to become more skillful, happy and effective human beings both on and off the job.

Rob Actis, creator of the "Law of Action" explains why you need to courageously take action, and what the easiest way to do so is. He has very clear ways of how communication should look like so you don't get into conflict, and live your life like it really matters.

Monica Bijoux, the "Queen of Boundaries" explains how she was able to leave an abusive relationship and how she now finds compatible partners by establishing firm boundaries. Don't be afraid to put your foot down! Monica explains why...

Cynthia Clark created a whole new way of finding the love of your life! Everything about you and a possible partner is found in your hands! Cynthia uses palmistry to find your perfect match on her unique platform: Love in your Hands! It's fascinating!

Esther Hatfield Miller is the Queen of Whoopass Healing. She talks about her experience with clergy sexual abuse and how she went from survivor to thriver.

Christy Whitman of the Quantum Success Coaching Academy is a Law of Attraction Master Coach. She explains what you must do to make the seven Laws of Attraction finally work for you!