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Irena Kay, M.D.

 Retired Ob/Gyn -Mental Performance & Relationship Coach- #1 bestselling Author
                  and...bad-ass martial arts biker chick 

Dr. Irena Kay is a retired obstetrician/gynecologist, now being hired as a Mental Performance and Relationship Success coach.

In addition to her medical doctorate she holds certifications in Law of Attraction Coaching, Marriage Facilitation (SYMBIS), Therapeutic Beliefs Coaching, and is trained in Mental Fitness coaching by Shirzad Chamine of Positive Intelligence.

Having counseled thousands of women about their most intimate issues she decided to serve them further by helping them turn their marriage around after saving her own rocky marriage and enjoying a passionate love relationship with her husband of over 30 years to be happy again, every day!

Dr. Irena is also coaching professionals, CEOs and entrepreneurs to break through mindset barriers with her proprietary NeuroYouth TM technique as well as the "Clear Beliefs" method and the techniques of Positive Intelligence.

After studying countless experts and doing extensive research into neuroscience, the brain, memory of emotional trauma, and ancient oriental wisdom and medicine, a system began to emerge.
Dr. Irena is passionate about bringing this system to the world, and is, in addition to personal coaching, writing books, appearing on pod casts and radio shows, and speaking at events.

from Doctor to Executive & Relationship Coach to Author- always serving with Compassion and getting Stellar Results

"My passion is supporting executives and entrepreneurs to break through mindset barriers for them to be charismatic leaders, role models and mentors to enjoy ultimate business success."
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"I also help women who are stuck in a blah marriage to reconnect to their spouse and revive the love they had. I am blessed to have found lasting happiness with my husband of over 30 years. This was not always the case...
After years of struggling to balance work, raising five children and keeping our marriage together I finally found the way to turn things around. I am passionate to share my insights and tools with the many women who struggle as I did. I will show you how you can bring the warmth, intimacy and partnership back into your marriage."
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What Others are Saying...

"Nothing has worked like this for me." 

Where do I begin, NeuroYouth, Wow! Such a simple exercise, such powerful results. The way Irena taught me this exercise was easy, and productive. Honestly, I've worked with many different modalities and they have been helpful and have cleared a few things. I was not prepared for this, nothing has worked like this for me. Not only did things come up that I'd been suppressing for a long time, it left my body in a physically noticeable form (bad bad yuck from my throat that would have cleared a room--as if I had passed gas--came out of my mouth). I'm doing the exercise she taught me for the next 28 days, it's been four days and I have more energy and clarity (I may glow in the dark at the end of the 28 days!).  

Thank you so much, Irena! Thank you

Kimmie Kay Holistic Healing Coach

"I went into the weekend with no expectation, but to reignite our connection and discover the love we have for each other. Success!"

Irena, Thank you so much for your amazing coaching session today! You assisted me with discovering emotional attachments to deep rooted beliefs I have not been able to unearth on my own. I went into the weekend with no expectation, but to reignite our connection and discover the love we have for each other. Success! I see the great value in your coaching and have experienced firsthand the shift in my life that is the direct result of the growth I have achieved. Thank you!  

With much gratitude and love

Amanda B. - Entrepreneur

"One session removed my fear of heights!"

"I couldn't be more grateful..."

Liliana R. - Empowerment Coach

One year later:

"The NeuroYouth technique is wonderful! Let Irena's magic work for you..."

More about me...

"Success is Yours"

From the editor:
"It was a crazy idea—bring a group of people together to write an inspirational book about success. In a weekend. If there were 20 people contributing, the editor would be happy. More than 70 did.
They worked with the suggested themes of career, finances and relationships—and were asked to keep entries to 200 words or less. (More difficult than it sounds.) They embraced the challenge to provide readers with mini-doses of inspiration—whether read in one sitting or one before bed each night.
These authors are success stories in themselves.
Now we share with you the results of that weekend: the inspirational essays, narratives and insights about success in relationships, career, finances and life. Our intention is this book will empower and uplift you, too, to be your better self and let your success shine."

#1 Bestseller on Amazon USA,
Canada, France, and Australia

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