Ladies, are you afraid you and your husband have drifted so far apart that there might be an affair? That you'll end up alone? There is hope:

  • Learn how you and he are wired differently, why this can create conflict - and how you can overcome it
  • Discover how to get through to him when you really need to talk
  • Learn the ways you can get the spark back in your marriage
  • Revamp your relationship in an easy, good-feeling way

Hi! I am Dr. Irena Kay of Married Love Success, your Love Relationship Mentor.

I know everything about Womanly Woes... I am a mother of five, so I had my share of new motherhood, sleepless nights, cranky kids and rebellious teenagers. I am a wife of more than 30 years and boy, did I have my share of arguments, disagreements (mostly about the kids and money) and unfair disadvantages.  

After many years of trying to "fix my husband" I realized that the only thing I had control over was me. If I was able to let go of the resentment, the bitterness, and the need for appreciation, the relationship had to change. Simple math. If one side of an equation changes, so must the other. Still, I wanted to find out what exactly I had to do to be happy again.

After studying countless experts in the industry and doing extensive research into neuroscience, the memory of emotional trauma, and ancient oriental wisdom, I was able to formulate a system. Applying the priciples of this system is what let me turn everything around. We have the most extraordinary relationship now and are happy, every day!

What others are saying

"I went into the weekend with no expectation, but to reignite our connection... Success!"

"Wow! Such a simple exercise, such powerful results." 

Irena, Thank you so much for your amazing coaching session today! You assisted me with discovering emotional attachments to deep rooted beliefs I have not been able to unearth on my own. I went into the weekend with no expectation, but to reignite our connection and discover the love we have for each other. Success! I see the great value in your coaching and have experienced firsthand the shift in my life that is the direct result of the growth I have achieved. Thank you!  

With much gratitude and love, Amanda B., Canada  

Where do I begin, NeuroYouth, Wow! Such a simple exercise, such powerful results. The way Irena taught me this exercise was easy, and productive. Honestly, I've worked with many different modalities and they have been helpful and have cleared a few things. I was not prepared for this, nothing has worked like this for me. Not only did things come up that I'd been suppressing for a long time, it left my body in a physically noticeable form (bad bad yuck from my throat that would have cleared a room--as if I had passed gas--came out of my mouth). I'm doing the exercise she taught me for the next 28 days, it's been four days and I have more energy and clarity (I may glow in the dark at the end of the 28 days!).  

Thank you so much, Irena! Thank you Kimmie Kay, Portland, Oregon  

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